Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am trying a new favicon

I decided to try a new favicon on my Website. I still only have it on the index page and some of the sandbox pages that I use for testing. It's a leaf. I love it. Do you?

I guess, after a lot of reading, that xforms are still not used by most browsers. I feel a little frustrated because I have such a limited amount of things that I can use on my server. Perhaps it's time I changed. Trouble is, I get it for free from my father-in-law. Free is a really good price. But he isn't interested in loading php or python or anything else because he just creates pure html/database websites and uses FrontPage for everything.

Friday, April 10, 2009

What I'm working on

I am busy working on my website at the moment. I thought I would post a list of goals here so that I can refer to it when people are trying to help me.

My website is at

I created a folder called Sandbox, which has the pages that I am working on.

The main page that I have been working on is

My goals:
  • Well, you can tell from the name...make a drop down menu using the <ul> tags - This part is done
  • New look - I can't resist. It's always changing. It's getting there, but you can still expect some tweeking
  • Totally get away from Tables for the page's design. Why, I just want to.
  • Comply with the sticktest w3c standards that I can manage (xhtml and css)
  • Use xml for my bird lifelist and the nature tours directory
  • Use xforms for comments or well, whatever. To learn what xforms are all about, what is the support like for them from browsers
  • In terms of content I would like to divide the website up a bit more from the start, in order to have the directory as one part, but Namibia info as a big part of the site.
I am also working on the following pages, so you can have a look.

The time frame depends on how much else I have to do. Any help or advice, or even questions, would be appreciated.